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Tiger's Hope (a.k.a. Dream It For Another)
Story Fundamentals

GENRE: Drama with Music


ERA / SETTING: Modern / City


TARGET AUDIENCE: Women and Men (18-80)


HOOK: A woman determined to have a baby of her own flesh and blood gives birth to a baby that belongs to another couple.


LOG LINE: A middle-aged singer and her husband struggle  to get pregnant, and then battle the Church, the medical community and the courts when they're told that the baby growing inside her belongs to another couple.


TAG LINE: The inconceivable consequences of a compelling love.


CONFLICT OF VALUES: Selfishness v. Selflessness


MORAL PREMISE STATEMENT: The compulsive pursuit of selfish dreams leads to loneliness and isolation; but selflessly pursuing the dreams of others leads to rich relationships and family.


STATUS: Screenplay, Music, Budget, Business Plan, Prelim trailer, Brochure.





Tiger's Hope

Screenplay - $6.00

104 pages

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Tiger Norwell seems to have it all: a good career as a singer, a faithful husband running her club, and an unbridled determination that gets its way.

   Yet, when she and husband, Jake, finally settle, get off the pill, open a dinner club, and start painting the nursery -- babies fail to arrive, and the nursery becomes a storeroom.

   Why is it that the one thing she wants the most, a baby of her own flesh and blood -- she can't have? After months of tests the doctors tell her what she absolutely does not want to hear. It's not Jake, it's she that is infertile.

    As much as she hates taking shots, and against her doctor's wishes, Tiger goes through two cycles of I.V.F. She gets pregnant on the second.

   All seems to be going well, until one day she and Jake are told that the baby she carries is not her own. There was a mix up in the I.V.F. lab -- she carries the infant of another couple.

   She could give the child up to the genetic parents. She could abort. But, once the initial shock wears off, Tiger finds herself emotionally bonded to the child growing inside her -- something she thought could only happen if it was of her own flesh and blood.

   The law appears to indicate that the baby is hers, the gestational mother. But the genetic parents sue for custody, and there’s a contentious legal hearing to determine who the baby really belongs to.

   It's then that Tiger and Jake begin to recognize the true meaning of parenthood, and a compelling understanding of love and adoption.


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