DEVELOPMENT Story Creation

Our early efforts were focused on building up a Development Slate. We have developed these stories in cooperation with a number of writer associates as indicated on each I.P.'s Story Fundamentals page.  The slate of stories cross various genres and media, but they all have strong hooks and a universally true, consistently applied moral premise.


We have also assisted  dozens of other writer-producers on feature films, novels, and live shows including Will Smith, Tamera Alexander, Francine Rivers, Kelly Nieto, David Cumbo, Joe Campo of Grassroots Films,  Joe Greco of Canvas Motion Pictures, Tajci Cameron, and Tricia Goyer.


It's a lot harder to find the funds to produce a movie than it is to write the screenplay...although the screenplay can take years to get it right. Rather than hide our work in a file cabinet or a computer file, we're doing something unorthodox. Below are a few screenplays we've prepared for publication (on their way to production). You can order them, and even send us your feedback. Enjoy...we did in writing them. They are only available as hard copies from Amazon's Print on Demand system. They are 8.5" x 11" B&W inside two sided printing, with a color cover.

FRONT LINE SLATE OF FILMS A great package of commercial properties
Screenplays Page

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True Life

Historical Haunting

Wartime Drama

Teen Resistance


Sex Comedy


with Music



Christmas Tale

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Family Comedy

Murder Mystery

PUBLISHED BOOK Stan's collection of Americana Short Stories and his journey of faith

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OTHER STORIES (not linked)

Books, screenplays, treatments and synopses by Stan Williams, Bill Wiitala, Nikita Mungarwardi, James Leach, Stephanie Boyd, and Hodges Usry

Story Synopses by Douglas Lloyd McIntosh and Stan Williams