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Parabellum If you wish for peace...
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GENRE: Nazi War Drama


ERA / Setting: 1939 / Berlin


TARGET AUDIENCE: Male-Female (14-80)




HOOK: A 14 year-old girl fights a S.S. Nazi Colonel


LOG LINE: In 1942, near Berlin, a rebellious 14-year old German girl dares to battle her mother's fiancé, a blood-thirsty S.S. Nazi Colonel, to rescue her Jewish friends from the ghetto before they’re liquidated.


TAG LINE: Choose your fate or it will be chosen for you.


CONFLICT OF VALUES: Tyranny vs. Liberty


MORAL PREMISE STATEMENT: Acceding to tyranny leads to imprisonment and death; but demanding liberty leads to freedom and life.


STATUS: Screenplay.






 125 pages


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In Nazi Germany, Frieda, a rebellious 14-year old German girl, is drawn into the teenage underground after her father, an engineer in the army, is executed for opposing Hitler.

    During a local deportation of Jewish families to a ghetto hundreds of kilometers away, two young Jewish friends, Ilse and Ruthie, come to our Frieda’s house for hiding.

    But there’s a problem. Frieda’s mother, Claudia, is engaged to the bloodthirsty Colonel Karl Fleischer of the S.S..  When Frieda overhears that the Colonel plans to eliminate the ghetto and rid the earth of its inhabitants, she secretly goes to the ghetto late a night to see if she can rescue her friend’s parents.

   But the Jewish police that patrol the ghetto streets capture her.

   Fortunately, Berend, a boy pretending to be a member of the Hitler Youth but actually part of another underground group, rescues her and together they escape being turned over to the Gestapo.

   Alice, a loyal Nazi girl, jealous of our Frieda’s friendship with the Berend, discovers that Berend and his mother, Marie, hide two families of Jews in their attic.

    Alice decides to lie to her father, Colonel Fleischer, to stop him from marrying Claudia. Alice tells her father that the Jews are in Frieda’s attic in a bid to stop the romance.

   When the colonel pays Claudia a visit, he finds the Jewish children. Enraged that he has been lured into romance with Claudia, which has risked his reputation and his life, he retaliates and kills her.

   It’s then that our heroine and friends take fate into their own hands and dare to rescue as many as they can from the ghetto before the colonel liquidates it.

   Their covert operation is only possible because of what her father has left behind, but has remained a secret until Claudia’s last breath. Hoping to redeem Germany, if only a little, Frieda and her friends find plenty of co-conspirators.

   But when they execute their plan, our heroes are captured and marched to the gallows in the midst of the ghetto that they had hoped to liberate.

   While they are out gunned and maneuvered in many ways, our 14-year old heroine and her friends learn that in the pursue of what is good, true and beautiful, sometimes you can choose your fate and not have it chosen for you.

   And, if you wish for peace, parabellum (prepare for war).

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