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What's so important about Motion Picture Stories?

This short documentary, which I wrote and edited for the Los Angeles based Biola Media Conference, explains why narrative motion pictures are so critical to culture, and why I diligently labor in the industry as story consultant and producer. (Narration is by Peter Carey, and music by James Stonehouse, two Michigan friends who donated their time. Thank you gentlemen for your talent and service.

SWC Films Development Slate

SWC Films is a motion picture development company whose mission is to acquire, develop, produce, and distribute asset-based entertainment in the form of motion pictures and related products that explore the human condition, vanquish fear, and bestow hope.

The business plan calls for the acquisition, origination, and development of intellectual properties, and the formation of production companies with partners to produce and distribute the projects. Log lines and project status may be submitted to Prospective partners may call 248-344-4423.

Wartime Teen Actioner. A 14-year old member of the Nazi resistance battles her mother's fiance, an S.S. Colonel, to save her friends and other children from a ghetto before they're liquidated.
Story Fundamentals

Teen Romantic Comedy. A mischievous teen battles his philandering sex-therapist father to court the girl of his dreams.
Story Fundamentals

Completed student short in association with Niki-Anna Productions. A teen girl chases a boy whom she thinks is a vampire. In a bid for romance she ditches her real self and in the process loses her friends and her family.
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Courtroom Thriller. The rich, flirtatious wife of a hotelier is accused of murder by two judges who witness the bloody event.
Story Fundamentals

Family Comedy. An expert at breaking and entering on parole is electronically tethered to his wife's house where he cooks up a scheme to nab the local mob.
Story Fundamentals

Christmas Family Drama. A passed over orphan girl spends Christmas Eve wandering the streets of a magical town looking for the home she imagines to be her Grandmother's. Based on book by Rumer Godden.
Story Fundamentals

Adult Period Drama. The True Story of South Carolina's First Black Female Wrestler in the Jim Crow South who, in the 1960's, battles white fight promoters to get paid her due and return home to her children.
Story Fundamentals & Documentary

Adult Drama. A forty-year old entertainer with everything going for her can't get pregnant naturally. When she tries IVF the results are horrific and transformational.
Story Fundamentals & Trailer

Teen Drama. After the death of her mother, a curious teenage girl is forced to live with her unforgiving grandmother, and seeks to discover the source of her grandma's resentment, and the secret of her family's past.
Story Fundamentals

Historical Horror-Drama. The true story of a supernatural demonic infestation from Early American history.
Story Fundamentals

[Short] A rich young man learns to listen to the buzzing in his head.
Story Fundamentals

Book in Progress.
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