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Story Fundamentals

TITLE: HIDDEN JUSTICE, a modern retelling of the ancient story of Suzanne and Daniel.

WRITER: Stanley D. Willliams

GENRE: Courtroom Drama Suspense

ERA: Modern

TARGET AUDIENCE: Women and Men (18-80)

HOOK: Popular socialite battles first-degree murder indictment witnessed by two criminal court judges.

LOG LINE: The rich, flirtatious wife of a hotelier is accused of murder by two judges who witness the bloody event. (Modern retelling of the ancient story of Daniel and Suzanne.)

TAG LINE: Be sure your sin will find you out.

CONFLICT OF VALUES: Greed and Lust vs. Generosity and Chastity

MORAL PREMISE STATEMENT: Obsessive greed leads to death and destruction, but humble generosity leads to life and honor.

BUDGET: Low (two locations)

STATUS: Screenplay

RIGHTS: Available.