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Holly & Ivy
Story Fundamentals

TITLE: HOLLY & IVY based on the book by Rumer Godden

WRITERS: William Wiitala & James Leach

GENRE: Inspirational Christmas Drama

ERA: 1950 - England

TARGET AUDIENCE: All Ages (Children - Senior)

HOOK: War orphan searches for imaginary grandmother

LOG LINE: A war orphan who is not chosen to spend Christmas with a family, is sent to the Infants' Home, but on the way she gets off the train stops early to search for her imaginary grandmother in a town that doesn't like children, but ends up defending a lonely Christmas doll in an enchanted doll shop from an evil owl.

TAG LINE: Hope is the best Christmas gift of all

CONFLICT OF VALUES: Despondency vs. Hope

MORAL PREMISE STATEMENT: Passive despondency leads to sufferable loneliness; but active hope leads to familial joy.

BUDGET: Medium (live action with animated CG toys)

STATUS: Screenplay

RIGHTS: SWC Films' opition has expired. Option/Purchase must be negotiated with Rumer Godden's agent. Screenplay rights available.