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The High-Definition video series tells ten stories of extraordinary events associated with Venerable Solanus Casey as it affected the lives of children. Each video features one child telling a story about Fr. Solanus while another child hand colors (using time-lapsed photography) a single over-sized coloring book image that illustrates the story. The completed 10 colored images look like a sequence of stained glass windows.

On April 8, 2016 we completed a week of video recording sessions at the Solanus Casey Center auditorium for the HIS DESIGNS video series, as it was called at the time. In this short clip, sisters Elle and Lizzy Uhlarik finish coloring an oversized image of "A Leg to Stand On," one of ten extraordinary stories about the life of Solanus Casey.


After the public theatrical premiere, the videos, and smaller (8.5" x 11") PDF versions of the drawings, will be made available on the Internet for download by teachers and parents for use in educational or recreational settings. DVDs and BluRays will be available and SWC Films will also make versions of the videos available to television networks such as ETWN, Catholic TV, Salt and Light Television, for use as interstitials (program fillers).

The 12" x 20"  B&W image for the story of "Solanus and the Bees," ready for a child to color with special felt-tip markers.

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Production Stills from Gracie Mischel Shoot

(yes, the recording camera was an iPhone 6S shot at 2K, 23.98 fps, 16:9.

Audio: Double System TASCAM DR-50 and Sennheister wireless, Audio Technica shotgun)

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