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Here is the music composed for EXTRAORDINARY by James Stonehouse, a composer that Stan Williams calls the John Williams of Detroit.  It is arranged here as an orchestral suite.  It was from this music that Stan and James constructed the background scores for the video program. But these 14 tracks tell beautiful stories all by themselves. So, sit back, close your eyes and imagine... Fr. Solanus there with us as we contemplate his life and God's blessed designs. James' website is


The Solanus Casey Suite (in 14 movements) by James Stonehouse

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1. Love is the Key (1:43)

Gracie's theme as she introduces us to the love of Solanus Casey, Detroit's miracle worker, and the Solanus Casey Center building as a pilgrimage site in his honor.

2. Let's Celebrate (2:25)

Brother Dan wanted to be a Capuchin Friar. But he had a serious medical problem with his jaw. If the doctor's had to operate, Br. Dan would have to leave the novitiate until he was well. But then Fr. Solanus blessed Dan.

3. No More Bread - Part 1 (2:32)

Dave was a hard worker. But it was the Depression, and there was no work and very little food. The Capuchins had started a Soup Kitchen to feed the poor. But Dan didn't think they would feed him because he was not Catholic.

4. The Tigers vs. The Saints (3:16)

Johnny Sullivan was the Detroit Tiger's biggest baseball fan. But Johnny had a problem. During the 1940 World's Series, Johnny lost his voice. The doctor said his voice might be damaged for life. But then Johnny met Fr. Solanus.

5. Love is Thicker Than Blood (2:05)

Mr. and Mrs. Mahoney loved children. They tried to have a baby, but a baby never came. They came to Fr. Solanus to ask for a miracle so they could have children. But Fr. Solanus had a better idea.

6. Fr. Solanus and the Bees - Part A (3:44)

7. Fr. Solanus and the Bees - Part B (2:21)

Brother Bob loved Applesauce. But in order for the monastery cook to make applesauce, Br. Bob had to face his greatest fear—honey bees.  When Br. Bob went to the orchard with an empty pail to collect apples, he could not believe what he saw: Fr. Solanus serenading a swarm of bees with his violin. Br. Bob yelled, "Fr. Solanus! Look out, the bees." You can imagine what happened next.

8. A Leg to Stand On (2:50)

Raymond Merling was in a serious car accident. The doctors wanted to cut off Raymond's leg, which would mean Raymond might never be able to get a job to support his family. But no one counted on Raymond's mother. Mrs. Merling went straight to Fr. Solanus, and she took her younger son Richard with her. That's when she thought that perhaps she should have left little Richard behind.

9. God's Gofer (2:13)

Eight-year old Carmella Petrosino wanted to work for God. But she didn't think she was good at doing anything. She was stuck working for her mom, a midwife, delivering babies. When a mother nearby was  delivering her fifth baby, something went wrong, and little Carmella jumped into action.

10. No More Bread - Part 2 (3:02)

There was more to the story than just Dave's hunger. There were hundreds of people in the Soup Kitchen line when word came that there was no more bread. Fr. Solanus prayed and thanked God ahead of time. Dave thought that was a terrible idea.

11. The Crippled Boy (2:43)

A sad mother and father brought their five-year old boy to see Fr. Solanus.  Years earlier the boy had been stricken with polio and could not walk.  Would Fr. Solanus pray for the boy so he could walk again? The mother really didn't think so, but she came to the monestary to see Fr. Solanus anyway.

12. Chevy's Salvation (5:43)

John McKenna worked at the Chevrolet automobile factory. He built cars with hundreds of other people on the assembly line. But some factories were closing down. It was the middle of the Depression and thousands of men and women were out of work.

13. Risk of Exposure (5:04)

Mr. and Mrs. McHugh had a beautiful baby girl named Marianne. But when Marianne was only two years old she became very ill, and was near death. The doctors didn't know what to do, because even taking the baby to the hospital in the cold weather could kill her. Then, the McHugh's priest, Fr. Murphy, told Mrs. McHugh to call Fr. Solanus, and "Do whatever he tells you to do."

14. Solanus Casey Theme (3:22)

This final tune reminds us of the beauty, goodness and truth that thousands of people experienced in the life of Fr. Solanus Casey as he ministered to the poor, the sick, and hungry.

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