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Cast Preview Pictures

There was a Cast and Crew preview screening at the Solanus Casey Center June 4, 2017. Below are images that Br. Michael Gaffney captured.

This picture was taken 15 months after the film was recorded, so all the cast is growing up and not everyone made it. Missed you guys. And, we need a longer banner.

FRONT ROW (L-R): Matthew Jamil, Dominic Ibrahim, Grace Mischel, Annika Mary Gaber, Edward Austin, Donovan Garner, Marie Schueneman, Joseph Schueneman (behind Marie and Sarah), Sarah Grace Tan, Felicity O'Brien, and Julia Metas.


BACK ROW (L-F): Pam Williams, Br. Richard Merling, Stella O'Beid, Clair Ardelean, Isabel Macias, Fr. Solanus, Logan Renner, Fr. David Preuss, Stan Williams.


Grace Mischel

Stella O'Beid

Clair Ardelean

Matthew Jamil

Logan Renner

Annika Mary Gaber

Sarah Grace Tan

Donovan Jude Garner

Isabel Macias

Edward D. Austin

Joseph Schueneman

Marie Schueneman



Blake Nieto

Haven Stieber

Maria Swedorske

Amanda Tchonang

Emmanuel Tchonang

Ellie Uhlarik

Elizabeth Uhlarik


Julia Metas

Dominic Ibrahim

Felicity O'Brien

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